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Justin “Dj Omega” Gaines is an LA based DJ who has worked with music and entertainment heavyweights such as Kanye West, Wale, Amy Winehouse, Kevin Hart and Jerry Seinfeld. His past professional sports clients range from the Philadelphia Eagles (Djing Training camp and all the Home games of the 2014 season), 76ers (Production and In-Game Sound Design 2014-2015) and Washington Nationals ( Production / Player At-Bat Intros 2013) .

Musically, he recently came off of a 30 city international tour with Lil Dicky in November where 26 out of the 30 cities were sold out. Now currently on touring nationally with Kevin Hart for his Rally Healthfest. When not on stage, he was working on “The Album About Nothing” with Jerry Seinfeld and Wale. Aside from the games, album, and the tour he also appeared in Guest Dj spots on Bet’s Backroom, NBC, and Revolt Live.

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